Porcelain Camellias And Golden Leaves Bracelet


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Flowers are even more attractive with their leaves. We love seeing them together at the start of every season. Every porcelain camellia charm is presented on top of a black embroidered fabric,  which has golden filigree on the back side. Bracelet is made of porcelain flower charms, gold-plated metal and embroidered fabric. 



  • Handmade porcelain camellia charms
  • Gold-plated brass leaf charms
  • Gold-plated brass chains
  • Black lace fabric



  • Length: 16cm + 4cm extension



  • White, black, gold



  • 24g


Handmade in Denmark.

Material: Porcelain camellia charms; Gold-plated leaf charms; Gold-plated chains; Black lace fabric

Item Fit / Dimensions: Length: 16cm + 4cm extension

Made In: Denmark

Shipped From: Denmark

Lead Time: 1 - 2 Days